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Spectrum Training Solutions

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USC Security and Political Economy Lab


100 Black Men of Dekalb

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The Polymathic Academy for Training in the Humanities and Sciences (PATH)

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Citizen Society


The KNOW Contemporary

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Primary Care Sports Medicine


The Little Black Box


Georgia Candle Company

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Resources Invested for Development Education (RIDE)

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The Bilingual Environmental Science Academy (BESA)


SOLEcial Studies

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“As a 25-year law enforcement veteran having worked in patrol, courts, and corrections and served in gang and high intensity violent crime units throughout a major metropolitan area that ranks amongst the highest in the nation for felony crimes, I am a proud supporter of LEWIS. When I was approached by Dr. Salinas to lend a law enforcement perspective to the development of The LEWIS BRIDGES Program, I was immediately on board. Given Dr. Salinas’ firsthand experience growing up in a community hard hit by crime and tension with the police, I trust LEWIS under his leadership as an organization that can credibly bridge the divide between law enforcement and the streets. We need organizations like LEWIS that can fairly bring all stakeholders to the table to produce real solutions.” 

-OFFICER K.L., 25-year Illinois law enforcement veteran

"LEWIS will take immediate and actionable steps towards creating transparency and trust in law enforcement across the country. Sify Technologies is honored to be a part of this essential initiative."

-RAJU VEGESNA, Chairman & Managing Director, Sify Technologies

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